January 1, 2014

Stone Restoration and Tile Care Maui

Marble - Granite - Travertine - Tile - Grout Cleaning Care and Restoration
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Travertine Marble Stone and Tile Care by EUROTECH Maui

Choosing a stone professional to care for and maintain your natural stone is a worthy investment.

All natural stone, whether marble, granite, travertine, slate, or one of the many other types of stone need ongoing care. The National Home Builders Association asserts that you can get a lifetime of beauty and reliability out of stone that is properly cared for.

Proper care includes sealing stone regularly. Proper preparation and choosing and applying the right professional sealer takes time and experience. Learning to perfect an even finish and remove damage takes even more experience.

Waxing and coating natural stone can be a costly endeavor. Those types of finish wear faster and more obviously than a professional polishing. Smearing, smudging, or ugly traffic patterns are more likely with waxes or coatings. Those types of quick fixes may also trap moisture within the stone and compromise the integrity of the stone in the long run.

Maintaining natural stone showers, floors and countertops properly will prevent damage and prolong their life and beauty.

It's our goal at EUROTECH to provide the best stone care solutions for the long term.  Our mission is to recommend the most cost effective solutions for the long run - prevention, protection and preservation. 
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